Central Team visits jaundice-hit Sambalpur


Sambalpur, Dec 27: A three-member central health team visited the jaundice-hit Sambalpur town yesterday to ascertain the cause of the outbreak of the disease and the ways to tackle it from spreading across the district.

The team comprising Dr P Verma, Dr Vidya Arankalle and Dr Manju will submit a report to the state government today.

The team met the District Collector Balwant Singh, Health department Deputy Director Bikash Patnaik and Chief District Medical Officer Jagatkrushna Samant Ray during the visit and discussed about the jaundice situation here. They also gathered information about the jaundice outbreak and visited the water treatment plant of the city.

They identified that the contamination of water as the main factor behind the spread of the disease. They collected the water samples for the analysis.

"We will submit a report to the state government on the outbreak of the disease. We will also study past cases of hepatitis-A and hepatitis-E in Sambalpur," said team member Dr Vidya.

Since there is no anti-viral treatment available against the disease, they stressed on the precaution that need to be taken to prevent the disease, which breeds in the polluted places.

The Houses, the environment need to be kept clean and people should use safe drinking water to fight against the disease. They said that the announcements to improve the sanitary condition and provide clean water to people should be met soon before the serious situation occurs in the city.

The team expressed satisfaction over the measures undertaken to combat the jaundice. They realised that it will take time for the improvement in the jaundice situation here as the incubation period of the disease is very long.

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