Missing AirAsia Flight's Debris Found, confirms Indonesia


Jakarta, Dec 30: Several pieces of debris have been spotted floating in the sea off Borneo Island including life vests and luggage which have been confirmed to be of the missing AirAsia Flight QZ8501.

The Indonesia Air Force official said that the Possible body, life vest, luggage have been sighted in the sea waters. During the search operation, an Indonesian military aircraft saw white, red and black objects, including what appears to be a life jacket, off the coast, about 105 miles (170 kilometers) south of Pangkalan Bun.

At least one helicopter had been sent to pick up at least 10 pieces of debris to be investigated. The items are to be taken to the search and rescue coordination post on Belitung Island.

Indonesian Head of Search Agency confirmed that Navy has found objects underwater resembling the plane that disappeared from radar over the Java Sea near Belitung Island.

He said, "We are 95 per cent sure that the debris off Kalimantan coast is from the missing AirAsia plane. The depth of the sea where the debris has been found is between the 25 metres to 30 metres deep."

The officials said that the victims were spotted near the site where AirAsia plane disappeared. Objects resembling the plane door have also been spotted in the debris, confirm officials.

11 divers are being prepared to be sent underwater to look for the debris, said officials. Indonesian officials coming off a helicopter in Pangkalan Bun say they spotted several bodies floating in waters. The bodies were brought to an Indonesian navy ship.

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