Non-subsidised LPG Price Reduced by Rs 43.50


New Delhi, Jan 01: The oil companies on Thursday cut the price of non-subsidised cooking gas (LPG) by Rs 43.50 per cylinder. The jet fuel (ATF) prices were also slashed by 12.5 percent as international oil rates slumped to multi-year lows.

With the reduction of price, a 14.2-kg cylinder of non-subsidized LPG will now cost Rs 708.50, down from Rs 752 previously, in Delhi.

This is the sixth straight reduction in rates of non-subsidised LPG, which the customers buy after exhausting their quota of 12 cylinders at subsidized rates, since August.

Similarly, the Aviation turbine fuel (ATF), or jet fuel, rates were cut by 12.5 percent. This is the possibly the steepest cut in rates since ATF pricing was deregulated in April 2002. This is the sixth reduction in jet fuel rates since August. The price was last cut by 4.1 percent, or Rs 2,594.93 per kl, on December 1.

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