Pakistani Boat Occupants Not Smugglers, Suspected to be Terrorists, says Parrikar

New Delhi, Jan 05: Putting all the speculations into rest over the Pakistanti boat, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar on Monday claimed that that the occupants of the Pakistani vessel were not smugglers, but they were suspected terrorists.

"I think they were suspected terrorists as they committed suicide exploding the boat and did not surrender. But the pirates or smugglers do not blow up the boat carrying the drugs rather they prefer to surrender throwing all the goods into water", said Parrikar to reporters.

"Why would smugglers stay in touch with Pakistani maritime authorities? Furthermore, why would they commit suicide?" he asked.

He lauded the Coast Guard for foiling the terror plans at right time acting on the intelligence inputs. The operation took 12-17 hours to chase the Pakistani boat and capture it. However, the suspected terrorists blew up themselves setting the vessel, which was laden with explosives, on fire. Later, it sunk into deep sea water.

"The location of the boat was not normal sea route. The smugglers normally take the busy route so that they can mingle with other boats and avoid detection," the minister said. "I am not speculating that there were explosives, but their activities to my mind don't fit the description of smugglers," he added.

He revealed that another boat was also spotted in international waters. But that returned to Pakistan.

His statement came after the Congress broke all the boundaries and moral of politics and questioned the government's claims over the alleged terror boat. The Congress did not feel ashamed to politicize the possible terror strike that could be most barbaric and heinous on Indian soil but indirectly seems to talk in the same pitch what Pakistan has been doing to India. It clearly shows anti-patriotism of Congress.

Not showing the unity and backing the government on the matter of terrorism and supporting the Indian coast guard, Congress demanded a probe into the incident saying, the government should come clean on it.

Congress leader Ajoy Kumar had said after the incident was aired on January 2, "There is no evidence. How can you say that a terrorist attack was prevented?".

Reacting to the allegations, BJP said that such this showed that Congress has touched a new low politics.

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