Experts debunk Ice causing AirAsia Crash Theory

Sydney, Jan 05: Aviation experts have cast doubts on the first official Indonesian report into the AirAsia flight QZ8501 crash that blames the accident on "icing" that caused the engines to freeze due to "worrying" weather conditions.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, two Australian university experts said that modern aircrafts have resilient anti-icing devices that stop the freezing of machinery and questioned why the Indonesia's meteorological agency released a report even when the plane's black boxes have not been found.

The report said that the weather was the cause of the plane crash based on the data provided on plane's last location.

The report also said that the meteorological department's data that blames the crash on "icing" is only one analysis and not the final cause of the incident.

One of the experts said that it was surprising how a meteorology agency was the first official organization to identify the cause of the incident rather than a specialized agency in plane crashes.


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