Makar Sankranti observed at Jagannath Temple

Puri, Jan 14: Thousands of devotees rushed to the pilgrim city Puri today to have special darshan of three Lords at Jagannath temple on the occasion of Makar Sankranti, the day when the Sun Sun visits the house of his son Shani, who is the lord of Makar Rashi, as per Hindu mythology.

Special rituals were performed on this auspicious day in Jagannath temple where the festival is observed as Uttarayana Yatra and Uttarayan Vandapana of Lord Jagannath.

There is a belief that people get salvation to see the Lords in Puri Temple on this day when the Lords appear as Makar Vesa. There is a ritual, according to the temple custom, of offering a special kind of newly harvested rice and sugarcane mixed with milk called Makara Chaula to the Lords.

According to mythology, Devi Laxmi comes back to the temple on this day from her father's home where she visits on Dhanu Sankranti. The betel and sugarcane that she brings with her are used as Makar Prasad before Lord Jagannath in the temple, said Dr Naresh Chandra Das, a Researcher.