Cold Store Shortage in Sonepur, Farmers face Inconveniences

Subarnapur, Jan 15: The vegetable farmers of Subarnapur are facing inconveniences due to shortage of cold storage facilities in the western Odisha district where people mostly depend on agriculture.

Subarnapur, which stands top in the paddy production, the farmers also give due importance on the vegetable farming. However, their efforts and labour seem to be fruitless as they fail to get minimum profit from the vegetable production because no cold storage is there for the perishable items.

The district, which comprises of 6 blocks, out of which only 2 blocks are irrigated and remaining four are coming under non-irrigated blocks, where the vegetable farming is the only source for the farmers' livelihood.

However, they face crisis as there is shortage of cold storage and market.

Although, several steps have been taken by the state agriculture department to encourage the farmers for non-paddy crop cultivation in the district, the shortage of cold storage is the prime reason for which the residents and the farmers are depending on the outside market.