Delhi needs Strong, Stable, and Clear Govt: Kiran Bedi

New Delhi, Jan 15: Social activist and former IPS Officer Kiran Bedi, who officially joined the BJP today, said that Delhi needs a strong, stable and clear government now. She reminded her 40 years of administrative experience that she will now dedicate to the state and nation.

"I have 40-years of administrative experience in Delhi police, Mizoram, Goa, Chandigarh, Delhi police headquarters and Tihar jail. In those years, I have trained many people and also learnt many things from them. I am here to dedicate my 40 years of experience to Delhi and my country. Now Delhi wants a strong, clear and stable government", she told media.

Bedi was welcomed by BJP President Amit Shah and her move was lauded by Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.

Addressing the media persons at a press conference today, Bedi said that she was highly inspired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. "I am very grateful to our PM Narendra Modi for his blessings and guidance. I met just before arriving at the occasion. I am only here only due to his inspirational leadership. Not only me, his leadership changed many Indians. A new belief can be witnessed in the country after May", she said.

Amit Shah today confirmed that Bedi would contest the Delhi Assembly Elections scheduled on Feb 7. If her statement would be reviewed, it is clear that the next polls in Delhi will be Kiran Bedi vs AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal.

She said that she is on a mission now to bring change and do something for the people of nation being in BJP. "We will make Delhi as the heart of the country. I will dedicate all my time, resources, experience to the country. I am very happy that the BJP has given me an opportunity to serve my country. I am on a mission mode and I will work to provide a stable, clear, honest, visionary, courageous government in Delhi", she added.