Shameful Act by McDonalds reported in Pune, Street Child thrown out of Outlet


Pune, Jan 17: A case of economical discrimination in the country came to fore when a street child was thrown out of McDonalds restaurant in Pune. This incident triggered massive criticism and mounted pressure on the Maharashtra government to probe the matter.

The incident came to light after a woman took it to the social media site Facebook and narrated how the homeless kid was insulted and thrown out of the restaurant, where he was standing in queue to have a Coke float, by its staff.

The woman along with her friends had gone to the McDonalds outlet to have coke floats. When they came outside found that street child was looking at their coke floats very curiously. When the child approached them for have some, the woman took him to the outlet and asked him to stand with her in queue to have anything of his choice.

However, the innocent boy was pushed away by a McDonalds staff objecting him to stand in the outlet. When the woman intervened and told the staff that the child was with her, he held the boy with the neck and threw him out saying, these kinds of people are not allowed inside the McDonalds.

This incident was highly criticized on the social media and brought shame for the McDonalds, one of the best fast food restaurants brand in the world.

Following the incident, the McDonalds came up with a statement that it will investigate the matter and the action will be taken against the employees if they are found to have violated the basic manner. The organisation respects everyone with equal manner and will not support any discrimination.

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