Prez slams Opposition for Disruption in Parliament


New Delhi, Jan 19: President Pranab Mukherjee could be lauded for maintaining the values of the top post since he assumed office. Today, he slammed the opposition parties over the continuous disruptions during the proceedings in both the Houses of Parliament and many important bills could not be passed. 

He also criticised the government for taking the ordinance route for the bills. He asked both the opposition and government to find a solution and avoid ordinances for the normal legislations. 

While the Majority has mandate to rule the country, the opposition has right to oppose, expose and depose. But the noisy scenes and disruptions pose as a barrier to discussion for policy formulation, he said.

His statement could be considered as valuable tips for both the government and opposition ahead of the Budget session to run the Parliament smoothly.

It can be noted that the winter session of parliament witnessed continuous logjams over religion conversion, and black money issues.

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