Muslim Community protests against Charlie Hebdo Magazine in UP


Etah, Jan 20: The Muslim Community in Etah district of Uttar Pradesh today staged a protest against Charlie Hebdo magazine which made fun of their Prophet Mohammad in a cartoon.

Section 144 is imposed in Etah but still the Muslim Community today staged protest and beat the effigies of Charlie Hebdo magazine. 

"This protest march is led by the Muslims of this town. It is because; the cartoonists insulted the honour of Nabi, the Paygambar-e-Islam. Now they have again tried to do that. It is the anger of the whole Muslim society of this town which is coming up as protest. We are announcing that we will not bear any dishonour against our "Huzoor", at any cost it be. Our demand is that Charlie Hebdo magazine which is said to be the self-manifestation should be banned because this manifestation is insulting some-one's sentiment. This manifestation should be banned by the Government there", said Zaheer Ahmed, a local resident. 

The Muslim community today submitted a memorandum against the freedom of speech of Charlie Hebdo and demanded it to be banned by the French government.  This memorandum has been forwarded to the Governor of Uttar Pradesh.

"The people of the Muslim community came to file a memorandum against the Cartoon portrayal of their "Paygambar" in Charlie Hebdo. This memorandum is forwarded to the Governor. It was not movement. They did it in a peaceful way. Filing memorandum was their only aim. They did not try to disturb the law and order. They came peacefully, submitted their memorandum and went away", said Ajit Kumar, Deputy District Collector.


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