Former PMs compromised Deep Assets on National Security: Manohar Parrikar

Mumbai, Jan 23: Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar revealed that some former Prime Ministers had compromised deep assets on the national security. However, he did not disclose their names, who were responsible for such shameful act.

After releasing a special issue of the Hindi Weekly "Vivek", Parrikar asked the guests at the event to build the deep assets that need long years. He alleged that there were some prime ministers who compromised on this.

Criticising the allegations made by the Congress on the recent midnight coast guard operation in the Arabian Sea against a Pakistani terror boat that was exploded, he said that next time a media cameraman and Congress spokesperson will be taken along with the security forces during the operation against the terrorism as the opposition has been demanding to show the proof whether that was a Pakistani vessel.

The minister suggested the media to maintain many things on sensitive issues like terror attacks, showing the contrast between the media coverage of the Paris terror attacks and 2008 Mumbai attacks. He talked about the way of covering the story and shooting the video by the foreign media channels. He said that not a single drop of blood was shown on the TV in the Paris attacks, but the live coverage of Indian media was not upto that standard.