Drone crashes on Lawn of White House, Radar fails to detect

Washington, Jan 27: In a latest incident of security breach in the United States, a small drone crashed on the South Lawn of the White House, posing no threat to country's President Barack Obama, who is now on a visit to Saudi Arabia after concluding his India trip today.

The most important thing needs to be discussed that the Radar of the White House that has been designed to detect the objects, missiles, lanes and drones could not pick up the drone as it was too small.

The drone crashed into a tree on the South Lawn on Monday morning. This was about two feet in diameter and its weight was only two pounds. According to reports, the drone was operated by a government employee around 3 a.m with no wrong intention. It crashed after he lost the control.

Shockingly, the accused, who was not the White House employee, was not charged with a crime for daring to operate the small drone near the President's House. This the burning instance showing the failure of the Secret Service protecting the White House.

Earlier, threat to the White House was noticed in September last year when a man with a knife entered the Building. In 2011, a gunman had shot and a bullet hit the White House when Obama's one daughter was inside the building alone.

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