Jayanthi Natarajan quits Congress, attacks Rahul Gandhi


New Delhi, Jan 30: Senior Congress leader Jayanthi Natarajan has resigned from the party raising up the veil on some serious issues that clearly showed that the major decisions in the UPA government were taken by Rahul Gandhi.

Addressing a press conference on Friday, Natarajan, who was also the Union Minister in the UPA government, launched attack on Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, stating that all the major projects were not implemented or executed due to intervention of Gandhi.

She said that all the decisions were taken by his directives. She faced huge criticism and was removed from the council of ministers after she denied giving clearance to major projects during her tenure as the environment minister. That humiliated her a lot as she was not given a chance to clarify her stand. She alleged that she was forced to not to give nod to those projects after Rahul's intervention. 

She followed Rahul's directives as she thought that was based on the party line. However, she felt humiliating and resigned from the membership of the party on moral ground.

She made it clear that she is ready to face any probe into any wrongdoing during her tenure as this will give her an opportunity to explain.

She revealed that people from the office of Rahul with help of media planted stories against her. On one hand, Rahul was talking via his people asking her to protect the environment that she did by not giving the clearance to the projects, but on the other hand, Rahul was telling the business firms at FICCI that environmental clearance would not be a problem.

She expressed her resentment against the party that she was feeling suffocated and decided to stay away from the party for the humiliation she faced in the past. She said that Congress is no longer the Congress that she had joined.

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