Delhi needs Strong and Stable Government, says Modi

New Delhi, Jan 31: Prime Minister Narendra Modi appealed to the Delhities to cast votes in favour of the BJP to give a stable and strong government under the leadership of the most experienced and successful administrator Kiran Bedi, the party's chief ministerial candidate for the assembly elections.

Addressing the huge gathering at CBD grounds near Karkardooma in the national capital, Modi launched indirect attack on Aam Aadmi Party for their past mistakes that pushed the state to face another election.

Without mentioning AAP, he said that the party betrayed the people of Delhi whom they had voted to power. "Some people have committed the sin of wasting a year in Delhi", he said.

Suggesting the voters, he said, "You must check the track record of the big-talkers around you".

Taking on Congress, he said that Haryana and Delhi had Congress government but Delhi suffered water shortage. When BJP came to power in Haryana, they took steps to supply water to Delhi.

He thanked people of Delhi for trusting the party in the Lok Sabha elections by giving all the 7 seats. They wanted to bring BJP to power after regretting not giving the party mandate to form the government in the state in December 2013.

Talking about corruption, he said that the subsidy of LPG cylinders was a hot-bed of corruption in India, where crores of money used to be robbed in the name of gas cylinders. But now that has been locked down with the BJP came to power at Centre.

The poor deserve a chance to be rich and that is why the government launched Jan Dhan Yojana scheme under which all have their bank accounts and have savings with insurance benefits. They have been given Accident Insurance of Rs 100000 with Zero Balance accounts.

To woo the slum dwellers, he said that all the slums will be replaced by cemented houses by the time the nation celebrates the 75th year of Independence. "I will replace Kacha makaan with Pakka makaan for the poor of my country, and that will start from Delhi".

He claimed that the government has taken steps against corruption but never have been talked in media.

Talking about development, Modi said that India's youth has capability to change the fate of the world and this is the time BJP and they should come together and begin development of our country from Delhi.

He also said that he has vowed to clean the Yamuna River.

At the rally, he played the Obama card saying, with US President Barack Obama's visit to India the image of the nation has enhanced across the world. "Had Obama come to Delhi only as Chief Guest and nothing worthwhile would have happened, our critics would have condemned me", he said.

"Today when someone shakes hands with Modi and looks into his eyes, they don't see Modi, but the reflection of the Indian populace", he said giving all the credits to people of India.

While concluding the speech, he assured people to get an honest and dedicated government in Delhi. He lauded Kiran Bedi saying, she has administrative experience and she will take the state to new heights. Once again he requested people to vote for the lotus while signing off his speech at the rally in east Delhi's Vishwas Nagar.

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