AAP takes on BJP over Controversial Ad on Kejriwal

New Delhi, Feb 02: The Aam Aadmi Party hit out at BJP seeking apology over the controversial advertisement in newspapers mocking Arvind Kejriwal, who is seen holding a broom and threatening to disrupt next year Republic Day celebrations if his demands are not met.

Reacting to the ad, Kejriwal alleged that the ad insults entire community that he belongs to. He expressed his resentment saying, the BJP first targeted his kids, but he was silent. But the recent ad published in today's newspapers edition has crossed the limit. The party should apologise to entire Aggarwal community that they targeted.

AAP leader Ashutosh said that the ad in newspapers showed the standard of politics the BJP is doing. This is due to BJP's frustration that they abused the gotra of Kejriwal. He sought apology from the BJP on this issue.

BJP continued to attack AAP and its chief Kejriwal through cartoons during the election campaign. The recent ad mocks Kejriwal, who is threatening to stall the Republic Day celebrations and complain to have VIP pass after one year if the pass is not issued to him.