AAP Funding Row: Kejriwal asks Bedi to maintain Decency in Politics

New Delhi, Feb 04: Reacting to the allegations against AAP over the black money and funding by fake companies, the party chief Arvind Kejriwal asked his political rival Kiran Bedi to maintain some decency in politics.

He said Bedi to look into his eyes and say that he is dishonest. "We have worked together for three years and there should be decency in politics even if they parted ways.

His statement came after Bedi called him an attention seeker. She accused him of spreading negative things in media to get the attention. She appealed to the voters to trust BJP and her to have a stable and strong government in Delhi.

Ahead of polls scheduled on Feb 07, the political war and war of words between AAP and BJP intensified in the national capital.

As per the latest survey, Kejriwal seems to be ahead of the Bedi as the CM choice for Delhities. The AAP appears to sweep the polls pushing the BJP to second spot.