Delhi Polls Likely to be Tough for BJP, AAP, Congress

New Delhi, Feb 05: The Delhi Assembly elections will not be easy for the political parties including BJP, AAP and Congress to win as the public now understands the politics and the motive behind the promises committed during the poll campaign.

According to surveys conducted by several agencies, there will be neck-to-neck fight between BJP and AAP. Congress appears to be out of scene in the elections. While Arvind Kejriwal emerges as the best face for CM in Delhi, many oppose Kiran Bedi as the ruler because of her strong image and dominating attitude during her IPS career.

Some pre-poll surveys suggested that BJP is likely to form the government. However, some others predicted that AAP will get the majority.

While the Data Mineria survey gives BJP 36 seats, AAP 27, and Congress 7, AajTak-Cicero survey pushes BJP to second spot with 19-25 seats. According to the survey, the AAP will get 38-46, and Congress 0-2.

The Week-IMRB survey shows BJP 36, AAP 29, and Congress will be restricted to 0-2.

According to ABP-Nelson survey, BJP will get 29, AAP 35 and Congress 6. Zee-Talim survey gives 32 to BJP, AAP 34, and Congress 4.

IndiaTV-C Voter survey shows BJP will get 37, AAP 28 and Congress 5.  Similarly, HT-C fore survey says that the BJP will get 27-32, AAP 36-41 and Congress 2-7.