Kiran Bedi, Kejriwal visit Religious Places a Day before Delhi Polls

New Delhi, Feb 06: BJP's chief ministerial candidate and AAP head Arvind Kejriwal on Friday visited the religious places seeking blessing from God a day before the Delhi elections.

The two political rivals, who once upon a time were associates in India Against Corruption campaign, are keen to defeat each other on their thinking and principles.

Kiran Bedi visited a gurdwara at Krishna Nagar, the constituency from where she is contesting the polls. She was seen making rotis those are served to devotees.

In order to show off secularism, Kejriwal was seen at gudwaras, temple and church seeking blessing from the God for his major test scheduled tomorrow.

He was seen doing Yoga perhaps for improving his concentration, and cut his hair and did shaving. He took healthy breakfast and media recorded all his activities.

He did not leave criticising the BJP and the Centre even after campaign over the full page advertisements of BJP government carried out in the newspapers in Delhi.