Indian paralysed in US after beaten by Police


New Delhi, Feb 12: An Indian national from Gujarat was seriously injured and partially paralysed after beaten by the US police in Alabama. The Govt of India has taken up the issue with the US embassy here and demanded investigation into the matter.

The 57-year-old Sureshbhai Patel, the victim, was visiting his son two weeks ago in Alabama where he was beaten by the American police. He was left partially paralysed after the police forced him on ground considering him as a suspicious person. He was walking down the sidewalk in the neighbourhood, the police stopped him and hit him. As the old man did not know English, he was unable to communicate with the police what he was asking.

Patel only said "no English" but the police did not spare him and beat him up ruthlessly. He left the old man bloody and partially paralysed. He is currently undergoing treatment. His family has decided to file a case against the police for such violence.

Several NRIs staying in Alabama have condemned the incident. Reacting to the report, the Indian government on Thursday has raised the issue with the US. The External Affairs Ministry has called a senior official in the US Embassy here in New Delhi for the violence by police against an Indian national for no valid reason.

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