48 Bidders qualified for Regulated Sector of Coal


New Delhi, Feb 12: Coal Secretary Anil Swarup today said that 48 bidders have been qualified for the regulated sector of coal while 86 have qualified for the unregulated sectors.

"The technical bids for schedule 2 mines have been finalised. In the regulated sector that is the power sector, for the 7 mines, 48 bidders have qualified. You will soon have the mine-wise list of the qualified bidders. For non-regulated sectors 86 have qualified technically for 19 mines", said Coal Secretary Anil Swarup. 

In order to continue the production process without any hindrance, the Coal department will try to complete the auction by 31st of March this year.

"In which ever case for whatever reason, if we are unable to complete the auction process by March 31, we shall have this custodian take over mines so that production continues unabated. The whole idea of having schedule 2 in the ordinance was to expedite the process of either allotment or auction, to ensure that the production of coal continues unabated even after March 31", he said.

Swarup further added that no ordinance in regard to the provision of the coal allocation has been passed.

"I would also like to point out in the context of the High Court decision in some cases that are still in various courts. Decision so far has not commented on the ordinance per se, so ordinance stands. No provision of the ordinance has been stuck down. High Court has directed our certain process related issues. We are trying to abide by the decision of the High court and see how it could be accommodated in the process that is going on," he added.


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