Mass Beheading of Egyptian Christians in Libya by IS creates Buzz


Cairo, Feb 16: A video released by the Islamic State showing the mass beheading of the Egyptian Christians in Libya is a burning example of the cruelty and barbaric act by the Muslim extremists.

The latest video showed that the tens of captives in orange colour outfit were kneeling down on the ground and they were beheaded by the IS militants at the sea beach in Libya. The victims were abducted by the extremists last year.

This is the most barbaric act to send the message of hatred to the entire world. The video titled "A Message signed with Blood to Nation of the Cross" threatened the Christian community that the group will execute and vanish all in the war against Muslims.

This was perhaps the revenge taken against the Christians for the death of Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden, who was buried in Sea. Referring to his killing, the extremists threatened that the sea wave will be red with Christians' blood.

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