Swine Flu turns Epidemic, Over 670 dead, 10,000 Tested Positive


New Delhi, Feb 19: The swine flu has turned into an epidemic in India with the death of over 670 people since its outbreak. More than 10,000 people have been tested positive for this deadly virus in the country.

Fresh case has been reported in Nagaland with a woman, who was tested positive for the swine flu.

According to Central government's report, 10,025 people suffered from H1N1 virus so far this year. The number may go up in the coming days.

The disease has created panic among the citizens in all the states. This has claimed 191 people in Rajasthan, 155 in Gujarat, 90 in Madhya Pradesh, 24 in Punjab, 17 in Haryana, 6 in Uttar Pradesh and 2 in Odisha so far.

In Jammu and Kashmir, two people have died and 71 were tested positive for H1N1 virus.

Union Minister JP Nadda said that the government is monitoring the situation and all the hospitals have been equipped with isolation wards. Adequate medicines to combat the disease are available in the hospitals and medicine stores. However, patients are coming to medicals very late, so more deaths are reported.

A new testing facility is available in All Indian Institute for Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in Delhi and the National Centre for Disease Control (NDNC) is monitoring the cell round the clock in the country.

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