PM Modi stresses on Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas in Parliament

New Delhi, Feb 27: Prime Minister Narendra Modi while speaking in Lok Sabha over the President Pranab Mukherjee's address to the joint session of the Parliament stressed on the good governance and remained stick to his slogan Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas.

Replying to the address of President, Modi assured all the members that his government is going in a right direction towards development. He is giving his best efforts to bring balance and stability in the nation.

He talked on many things right from Swacch Bharat Mission, to religion conversion and proposed amendment in land acquisition bill.

Taking on the opposition Congress over the land acquisition bill, Modi said to modify certain points if all the members will show the error in the proposed bill. He assured that the bill is not anti-farmer. I appreciate the then Congress government to bring such significant bill, but my effort is to add something to this for the interest of the nation. And I will give you all the credits for the proposed amendments of the bill", he said.

"My government is for poor people, my government is committed to do everything for poor", he said in the lower House. He expressed his feelings how he was repeatedly criticised by the opposition members for his suit and foreign visits. He asked, "Do not you have other issues to talk about? We have to follow certain decorum while meeting the world leaders, why do not you highlight the things that whom I met during foreign tours, what I talked, what was the topic that interacted with people there?"

He said, "When I go anywhere and meet people, only the poor is in my mind. I used to meet the scientists, experts to know something from them that would be beneficial for my countrymen".

Talking on the clean India mission, he said, "the Swacchta is an issue and it is related to our mindset. And in my mind are the poor people. Cleanliness is also an issue related to the respect and dignity of women". We see increase in female students drop out rate in schools due to lack of toilets. This is a challenge for the government in this era. And the target to provide toilets for girl students in schools will be achieved soon, he said while commending the efforts of some MPs in their areas.

For the Swacch Bharat Mission, the Tourism industry is getting benefited, he said.

On black money, PM Modi said, "this was first job for us after forming the government to set up a SIT for the black money, where as the predecessor UPA government had been ignoring the Supreme Court's order in past three years".

"I congratulate Arun Jaitley for his efforts to speak to Swiss authorities and convenience them to give us the information. We are not playing vindictive politics; we assure that whoever is involved in black money will be named. In the G20 summit, we talked about united efforts against black money and drug trafficking", he said.

He said that governments come and go, but nation is made by people, their strength and capabilities. We must rise above politics for the development of nation. Talking on the drawback of MNREGA, he said that we should think above the principles to analyse the project whether the issue for which it was brought is addressed or not.

"My political instinct says do not end MNREGA, I will never make that mistake. MNREGA will stay but yes we will add value to it so that they can benefit the poor. Corruption is an issue. This is a grave issue. Let us work together and ensure there is no corruption in the future. Let us leave the past behind. I do not claim that whatever work has been done was done in 9 months only. We have to ensure there is minimum grey area. The country cannot run on whims and fancies of individuals. The country was shocked when it found out it lost Rs 1.86 lakh crore in coal block allocation. State must be policy driven. If the state is policy driven then grey areas are minimum. I believe corruption free services can be developed, everyone needs to work together to fight corruption", he said.

Here is the Highlights of PM Modi's Speech in Lok Sabha

- Land Acquisition Ordinance Is Not Anti-Farmer

- The biggest achievement is that we have forced the country to talk on black money. Despite the SC directives, an SIT was not formed by the previous government

- When the new government was formed, SIT was formed in the first Cabinet meeting. I congratulate Arun Jaitley for his efforts to speak to Swiss authorities and convince them to give us the information

- We are not playing vindictive politics, we assure that who ever is involved in black money will be named

- In the G20 summit, we talked about united efforts against black money and drug trafficking

- We talk a lot about farmers, but should not we find ways to address issues of farmers

- Our aim is per drop more crop. The world is facing water crisis. We have to look at the health of National policy

- We are dedicated to the farmers. We want to work for them. We want to end useless expenditure to generate more funds for the poor

- When we formed the government, there was a drought situation and then we decided to take subsidies to farmers and that led to an additional burden at that time

- We want to reduce red-tape bureaucracy, make services simpler for the common man. We brought in the system of self-attestation. Things may be small but they are things that

inspire the trust of the people

- During my Japan visit, I met a scientist on stem cell. This was to find a problem to the sickle cell anemia that our tribals are suffering and stem cell has a hope for

treatment to this. Our scientists are now working on it

- The poor are on our mind but we do not think of playing politics over the poor. We think of how to do good work for the poor

- Our target is to complete making of tiolets in schools when they open after the summer break

- We announced Jan Dhan Yojana on 15th August, we completed the project well in time

- The process for making toilets for 60,000 to 65,000 girls is complete

- There is a need of 4.5 lakh toilets in schools, out of which 1.5 lakh new toilets need to be built

- We also supported the previous government to pass the Land Acquisition Act. We did not play politics there

- Despite that, it was done in a haste to take political benefits. One should not be so arrogant and feel that no one other than us can do a better job

- When our government was formed, all state CM's asked us to think of the farmers

- Should we not respect the demands of the states? Why were the CM's ignored by the previous Central government? CMs of all states expressed their displeasure on that law
- We do not want to negate what you did in the past, we just want to complete the tasks which are still incomplete. Please support us

- Is it not our responsibility to correct the mistakes done? We want your support to add some changes. I am ready to bring changes in the Land Bill if you think there is

anything against the interest of the farmers

- Do not make it an ego issue. I have heard the CMs and their desires. I know how difficult it gets for the states when laws are made at the Centre not taking into account the

issues at the local level

- In an era of cooperative federalism can we become arrogant? Shouldn't we listen to the CMs of states

- I have no problem in you taking political benefit from the bill> I'm not doing anything with a political intention

- Scope of development in the Northeast is immense. It can become the organic capital. I am visiting the Northeast very often

- I don't go to the North east with a political motive. Want the East to develop and be at par with the rest of the country

- Colour of the flag does not guide the governance, it is the triclour that guides our work

- When I was in Patna in 2013, bomb blasts were taking place. I had asked then, "who does a Hindu have to fight with, Muslims or poverty". Both need to unite to fight against terror

- We believe in Unity. All communities need to unite to fight against terror

- The country can run only within the constitution and law. No one can take law in their own hands and discriminate on the grounds of religion

- My government has only one religion India first

- My government has only one style of working sabka saath sabka vikaas

- I thank the President for the support and request him for his guidance in the future

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