Kejriwal wants to throw Yadav, Bhushan out of National Executive?

New Delhi, March 02: The latest letter to AAP Convener and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal indicated that all is not well in the party, which claimed to do politics with honesty.

According to reports, Kejriwal wants to throw his two prominent party leaders Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan out of the National Executive after Bhushan reportedly wrote to Kejriwal, who is holding two major posts (CM and Convener), raising questions on the transparency within the party. He suggested Kejriwal to drop his post as the National Executive and paved way for Yogendra Yadav to handle this.

He asked Kejriwal to opt out of the political affairs committee of the party, which is also headed by him. In the letter, he brought allegations that no regular meetings of National Executive or Political Affairs Committee were held in these days. The processes required to establish the party as the national party were not followed and maintained.

He alleged that the AAP is turning into a one man party.

However, Bhushan refused to comment on the issue. He said that it was party's internal matter and he will not speak it publicly. He admitted that he had written a letter to the party head to draw the attention about a need of the structural change in the party. This letter should not be considered as a revolt against Kejriwal.

Dismissing it, Yogendra Yadav took it to the twitter. He said that the image of the party should not be down after a marvelous victory in the Delhi polls. People of the nation have a lot of expectations from the party.