Cow Slaughter Completely Banned in Maharashtra after President Nod


Mumbai, March 03: In a big move, the cow slaughter was now banned in Maharashtra under the Maharashtra Animal Preservation (amendment) Act (MAPA), 1995 after receiving the President Pranab Mukherjee nod.

As per the law, there will be complete ban on killing of cows, bulls, bullocks and calves. However, the laughter of female buffaloes and buffalo caves can be allowed with the permission of the relevant authorities.

Under this amended Act, for the violation of the rule, there will be non-bailable and the accused could be punished for five years in prison with the fine of Rs 10,000. The amendment will come into force after the state government issues a notification in this regard.

Earlier, the cow slaughter was banned under schedule 5 of the Act passed in 1976.However, slaughter of bulls, and bullocks, female buffaloes and buffalo calves were allowed with permission of the authorities.

The Maharashtra government in 1995 had moved an amendment for inclusion of bulls, bullocks and calves under schedule 5 of the Maharashtra Animal Preservation (amendment) Act, which was later sent to the Centre for the approval in 1996.

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