Mahaprasad to be Available from Today as Servitors withdraw Strike


Puri, March 04: The Mahaprasad of Lord Jagannath temple in Odisha will be made avaibale from today as the Suar Mahasuar Nijog (servitor body of cooks) withdrew their strike ending the two-day deadlock.

The devotees were deprived of the Mahaprasad due to the protest by the servitor body of cooks, who stopped cooking and preparing Mahaprasad on Monday after the arrest of a fellow servitor at the temple premises in Puri. 

However, the servitor body decided to call off the strike after realising the sentiment of millions of devotees, who were coming and waiting to get taste of the Mahaprasad of Lords.

The servitors sit on strike after the district administration did not intervene into the matter after one of the servitors were arrested for selling Mahaprasad at the temple premises.

In fact, selling Mahaprasad inside Bhitar Bedha is strictly prohibited, but the Supakars did not have option to sell the Mahaprasad as the space inside the Anand Bazar is very small.

The servitors protested after the temple administration threw the Mahaprasad away giving no respect to it and arrested the fellow servitor.

Even though, the sevayats launched strike against the temple administration, there was no irregularity in the rituals of the Lords. They were cooking Chhapan Bhoga for the Trinity in time.

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