Indian Govt to take Legal Action against BBC for airing Nirbhaya Documentary


New Delhi, March 05: India will take legal action against the BBC for airing the controversial Nirbhaya documentary on its channel in the United Kingdom. Despite ban order, the British broadcaster went ahead to telecast the documentary that contains the interview of one of the convicts in the Delhi gangrape-murder case.

According to reports, efforts were from India side to stop the telecast of the documentary on the Dec 16 horrific crime, till the night of Wednesday. But, the BBC snubbed the government and aired the documentary on BBC Four at 10 pm on March 4.

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh said that the government had requested the BBC not to telecast the film. But, now the documentary is available on YouTube too and easily accessible.

The government said that appropriate action will be taken against the broadcaster and YouTube will be asked to remove the documentary, Storyville-India's Daughter.

The documentary produced by the BBC and filmmaker Leslee Udwin in cooperation with the victim's parents reveals the insight into the brutal crime that took place on the night of Dec 16, 2012 tearing the soul of each girl.

The filmmaker was criticised in India for taking the interview of Mukesh Singh, the driver of the bus in which the 22-year-girl was gangraped and thrown out of the bus silencing her cries without mercy. In the interview, the convict has made derogatory remarks against women.

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