Yadav, Bhushan wanted AAP to lose Delhi Polls?

New Delhi, March 10: Senior AAP leaders Yogendra Yadav and Prshant Bhushan, who were recently removed from the party's parliamentary affairs committee (PAC) for raising voice against Arvind Kejriwal, serious allegations are now made against them that they worked for party's defeat during the Delhi polls in which the party had a landslide victory.

The AAP in a statement issued by Manish Sisodia, Gopal Rai, Pankaj Gupta and Sanjay Singh explained why Yadav, Bhushan and his father Shanti Bhushan were kicked out of the PAC. The statement alleged that the trio were removed for their anti-party roles and conspiracy against Kejriwal during the polls.

The statement said that the trio wanted the party to lose and BJP to come to power so that Kejriwal will get a lesson and there will be a demand for change in leadership. Yadav and Bhushan wanted to be the national convener replacing Kejriwal, under which leadership that party garnered a huge mandate in the recent assembly elections.

According to the AAP, Bhushan told the party workers from other states not to come to Delhi for the election campaign. The AAP should lose the polls and then it will be easy to remove Kejriwal as the party's national convener.

He also asked people not to give donations to the party for the polls.

He allegedly had told Ashish Khetan that the party should be confined to only 20-22 seats in the polls. Even, he wanted to hold a press conference against the party to ruin party's image ahead of the polls.

To maintain discipline in the party, ten leaders had visited Bhushan's residence for three days to convince these three leaders Bhushans and Yadav despite being busy in the polls campaign.

Even the trio had supported the claims by the AVAM about the money laundering and unnamed donations.

Bhushans' intention was clear when Shanti Bhushan praised BJP's CM candidate Kiran Bedi saying that she was more caliber than Kejriwal.

On the other hand, Yadav was conspiring against Kejriwal to get him out from the post. He allegedly planted stories against Kejriwal and the parties in the national newspapers.