Land Acquisition Bill: Things to know How passed in Lok Sabha


New Delhi, March 11: The controversial Land acquisition bill was passed in Lok Sabha on Tuesday evening, but things were not easy on the part of the ruling BJP to convince its ally Shiv Sena and the opposition parties to get the bill cleared in the House.

It would be the toughest for the government to clear the bill in Rajya Sabha where the BJP is in a minority. Today is the acid test for the bill in the upper House.

Here is few things to know what happened and how the bill was passed in Lok Sabha yesterday evening.

The government moved nine amendments despite the protests from the opposition parties. The government made major changes in the bill keeping the interest of the farmers. While the AIADMK and TRS members supported the BJP in passing of the bill, Congress, TMC, SP, RJD, BJD, AAP, JDS, CPIM, CPI walked out of the House. BJP's ally Shiv Sena abstained and Swabhimani Paksha moved an amendment, which was negated. The bill was passed by voice vote.

Congress alleged the government of not accepting a single amendment proposed by the party. They demanded to bring the original bill passed by the UPA II regime with a number of amendments. The party termed it an anti-farmer bill.

These are the key amendments in the Bill:

The land cannot be acquired for the private projects

Land can be acquired up to 1 km on both sides of the railway line or road of the industrial corridor

The land will only acquired for the government projects like railway, highways etc.

Before acquiring land there will be a survey of its wasteland and agriculture land, If the land will have farming more than once a year, it will not be acquired by the government.

Acquisition of land for private hospitals, educational institutions will no longer be considered as government projects.

Employment to at least one member of the affected family of a farmer whose land will be acquired for public purpose.

In case the farmer is not satisfied, he can appeal to the Land acquisition, rehabilitation authorities to get back his land.

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