ISIS releases Video showing Child Soldier executing Israeli Spy


Beirut, March 11: Another video released by the dreaded Islamic State on Tuesday showed a young boy soldier executing a man, claimed to be an Israeli spy. The 13-minute video, created a buzz online. This barbaric act involving kids in the name of Jihad sent horrific message to the entire world.

The video showed that the boy, appears to be around 10-12 of age, along with another IS fighter, standing behind a captive, who is on his knees in a orange gown. They killed the man accusing him as a spy.

In a French statement, the IS accused the victim of working as a spy. He is identified as Mohamed Said Ismail Musallam. He was working for Israeli intelligence.

The authenticity of the video is yet to be verifies. This was released by the IS on its media wing.

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