PM Modi commissions Coast Ship Barracuda in Mauritius


Mauritius, March 12: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the second day during his three-nation trip commissioned the ship Barracuda in the service of the National Coast Guard of Mauritius.

He greeted all the Indian navy officials and Mauritius for this event. This ship has made a long journey – from Kolkata across the great arc of Indian Ocean to this beautiful shore, he said in his address today.

He said, "Barracuda is a beautiful ship. She is also very capable; and built to specifications of Mauritius".

Now, she sails proudly with the flag of Mauritius. She will protect your islands and your waters. She will be there to help in times of distress and emergencies.

But, she will do more than that. She will also help make our Indian Ocean safer and more secure, PM said.

Before unveiling the ship, PM Modi worshipped Lord Shiv at the Ganga Talao offering prayer and Ganga water on the lingam. The water in the big pond is believed to have Ganga water brought from Varanasi.

He also addressed the National Assembly of Mauritius expressing his thanks to chose India to be its partner.

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