AAP: New Sting exposes Plan of Kejriwal to stop Modi Wave

New Delhi, March 13: The AAP, which claims to be a party of doing different politics in India, once again landed in controversy with another sting operation. In an audio tape, party  chief Arvind Kejriwal was heard to have talked about the plans to woo the Muslims and get their votes to stop the Narendra Modi wave.

The new tape allegedly said that Muslims are bound to vote the AAP to defeat Narendra Modi in the Delhi Polls as the minorities have no option apart from AAP. The conversation which was recorded before the Delhi elections was between Kejriwal and others from the party.

In the sting, Kejriwal was heard saying the Muslims do not want AAP to field candidates from the minority, but they look at the party with a great hope that this is only party that can stop Modi wave.

"No one can stop Modi in the country. The BJP is winning one after another and is forming the government in many states. We are the only hope for Muslims. They want to defeat Modi. Congress is over now. The Muslims wants the AAP to field 11 candidates," Kejriwal is heard saying in the audio tape.

The tape exposed by member of the minority committee of AAP, Shahid Azad, said that the Muslim wing had met Kejriwal on Nov 24, 2014 and demanded 11 seats for Muslims in the Delhi polls. But their demand was rejected by Kejriwal.

Azad alleged Kejriwal of not paying respect to the voice of minorities with his party.

This showed that the rift within the party intensified with the removal of Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav from the political affairs committee (PAC) of AAP. People who have joined the party have their own interests to get fulfilled. When they fail to get anything from it, they expose with stings and videos.