Himirika in Trouble after Revealing Names of Rape Victims in House


Bhubaneswar, March 14: Odisha minister Lalbihari Himirika landed in a big trouble after revealing the names of the rape victims, who are minors studying various residential state-run schools.

While replying to a question asked by BJP MLA Dilip Ray in the state assembly, Himirika, who holds S.T. & S.C. Development, Minorities & Backward Classes Welfare portfolio in the state, revealed the names of the five minor girls.

Ray had wanted to know the number of sexual harassment cases in Odisha and other kind of torture on girls in the government residential schools. However, Himirika revealed the names and addresses of the girls, who were raped.

Protesting the statement, the woman wing of the BJP demanded resignation of the minister. The protesters said that there was a complete violation of the Provisions of Section 228 (A) of IPC, which prohibits revelation of the names of the victims in the rape cases. If the law gets violated, there is a provision of punishment with jail term, which can be extended up to two years, and with penalty.

On the other hand, the minister is avoiding media to give his statement on this matter.

The minister had revealed the names of the five minor girls, who were raped and later became pregnant during last three years.

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