Last Remaining Devadasi of Lord Jagannath Shashimani No More


Puri, March 20: Shashimani, the last remaining Devadasi of Lord Jagannath, is no more. She breathed her last at her residence at Dolamandap Sahi in Puri yesterday. She was 92.

Shashimani was sick for more than five years. With her departure, the custom of playing traditional Mahari dance dedicated to Lord Jagannath inside the temple in front of the Lords came to an end.

She closed her eyes forever ahead of the Nabakalebara festival. She had felt that she will not be any more to witness the new carved lords this time.

Shashimani was dedicated to Lord Jagannath temple by her parents when she was only 7. She was married to the god through a ceremony called Sari Bandhan. She became Mahari Devadasi the moment she tied the knot with the Lord. From that day she was considered to be a married woman and dedicated her life to the service of Lord Jagannath.

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