Rift within AAP: Bhushan calls Kejriwal Autocrat

New Delhi, March 27: The rift within the AAP is becoming deeper with the allegations and mud pelting at each other. In a press conference on Friday, senior party leaders Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan came down heavily on party Chief Arvind Kejriwal for the disturbance in the AAP, which is claimed to have been formed with a mission to bring change in the politics and system.

Talking to media, Prashant Bhsuhan said that Kejriwal was an autocrat, who did not like people if they oppose him and his decision. In a strong word, he expressed his dissatisfaction over the functioning of the party.

Yogendra Ydava said that the party was born out of struggle and revolution. But this is unfortunate that they are sad to see the rift within the party like other political parties face.

People have high expectations from the party. We have raised several issues but nothing happened", he said. They had raised the first issue of independence of state units, that they be allowed to decide on local body polls. The second issue was about the money laundering of Rs 2 crore. He had appealed to the party chief for an internal probe by AAP Lokpal in the incidents like recovery of liquor from a home of an AAP candidate in Uttam Nagar before Delhi elections, and donations of Rs 2 crore to the party through the cheques.

Thirdly, they had demanded that volunteers of the party should be heard, fourth, they had demanded to maintain transparency, and fifth, the voting should be done through secret ballot at the National Council Meeting of the party.

However, not a single issue was resolved and their demands were unheard by the party chief.

Bhushan criticised Kejriwal with so many allegations. "I had sent an SMS to Arvind Kejriwal when he was returning from Bengaluru asking him to meet and sort out the issues. Unfortunately, he has not find time to meet us".

The only thing we were told is that "you first resign from the National Executive, rest will sorted out later", Bhushan said. 

They were told that Kejriwal did not want to work with these two leaders. "Kejriwal had said that either we should split or he will form a separate regional party with his 66 MLAs", he said.

The differences started after the Lok Sabha polls. He said, "Kejriwal had two shortcomings - first, you want to take decisions in an autocratic manner, you do not want people in your team who can oppose your decisions. He then told me that I have never been in an organisation where are my decisions are not accepted".

Ruling out of the speculations about their resignation from the National Executive, he said that the message was spread among the party workers and media, but "We have not resigned. We had offered to resign only after our five demands were met, but the same never happened", he said.

The press conference was held a day before the national executive meeting scheduled on March 28.