Rift within AAP: Yadav, Bhushan sacked from National Executive

New Delhi, March 28: As expected earlier, AAP rebel leaders Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan were sacked from the National Executive for anti-party activities. Their fate was decided today at the National Council meeting chaired by Gopal Rai.

According to reports, around 300 members of the national council of the party moved a resolution at the meeting seeking removal of Yadav and Bhushan from the National Executive. This was accepted by Kejriwal.

Following the decision, Bhushan and Yadav came out of the meeting. The entire development indicated split in the party.

Speaking to media after meeting, Yadav said that the democracy was killed at the meeting where violence erupted and the voice was suppressed by Kejriwal supporters. Gopal Rai, who had been criticising Yadav and Bhushan, was appointed as the president without voting.