UN evacuates Staff from War-Torn Yemen, Indians to be Brought Back Soon


Sanaa, March 28: The United Nations evacuated its staff from the Yemeni capital after the situation worsened due to airstrikes launched by Saudi Arabia against the rebel forces in Yemen.

More than 100 staff were evacuated and they will be relocated to several countries.

Saudi Arab began military operations to protect the Yemeni government whose President is hiding from the Houthi forces.

Meanwhile, India has decided to evacuate its citizens from Yemen after the war was declared by Saudi Arabia. More than 3000 Indians in Yemen will be heading for the country. However, it is a challenging task for Indian foreign minister as there is no airstrip available in Yemen for landing.

A high level meeting between the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) officials, the defence and other agencies the on Saturday suggested transporting the Indians in Yemen to Djibouti via the Gulf of Aden. From there, they will be brought to Mumbai by flight. 

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