Nabakalebara 2015: Banajaga Team arrive at Balighai


Puri, March 31: The Banajaga Yatra team arrived at Balighai early on Tuesday. They will shortly leave for Ramachandi temple at 5 pm. The team members are walking on foot to reach the destination Maa Mangala at Kakatpur.

The team led by Haladhar Dasmohapatra and comprising of daitapatis, Biswabasu and Vidyapati began their journey from the Jagannath Ballav Mutt in Puri on Monday midnight at 12.45 am and reached Balighai at 3.45 am. The distance was 15 km.

The servitors will stay Ramchandi temple tonight and will start journey towards Deuli Mutt in Kakatpur. They will perform rituals as part of the Nabakalebara yatra at Maa Mangala temple and seeking direction from the Goddess to search Daru (logs) for the idols of three Lords.

Arrangements have been made by the Shree Jagannath temple administration for the team members at the halting places.

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