CAG reveals Odisha Govt had Rs 4,713 Crore Revenue Loss in 2013-14 FY


Bhubaneswar, March 31: The CAG on Tuesday blamed the Odisha government for its faulty policies for which it had a huge loss of Rs 4,713 crore during 2013-14 fiscal year.

The CAG reports on Revenue and General  & Social sector presented in the Odisha Assembly today revealed that the loss occurred due to poor financial policies and less collection of revenue from sales tax, motor vehicle tax, excise duty, stamp duty, VAT, GST and other taxes in the state.

The government also admitted to the irregularities of Rs 2,379 crore occurred out of the total revenue loss of Rs 4,713 crore.

The irregularities has occurred in the implementation of 10 Central and state schemes relating to the welfare and protection of girl child, and MPLAD scheme. The CAG pointed out that no third party was appointed for the supervision of the MPLAD projects from 2010 to 2013.

The irregularity of Rs 158 crore was also found in the pipe water supply project in Puri due to the lack of coordination between the departments.

The CAG also raised questions on the efficiency of BDA alleging that the construction was approved in an area of 6,70,532 sq ft without examining the quality of the land.

Besides these, the CAG expressed its dissatisfaction over the Transport department that did not check the school buses and autos during 2013-14 to provide safety to the school children and passengers.

The report on the social sector, the CAG revealed that 8246 girls out of over 11,552 children were missing from 2009-13. They might have been engaged in various trades including flesh trade, child labour, human trafficking.

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