Nabakalebara 2015: Banajaga Team reach Kakatpur Deuli Mutt


Kakatpur, April 02: The Banajaga team of Nabakalebara 2015 reached the Deuli Mutt at Kakatpur this morning. The team comprising the servitors, Vishwabashu and Bidyapati will have a night halt there and leave for Maa Mangala temple tomorrow.

Yesterday, the team had halted at Shankareswar temple. They started journey to Deuli Mutt in an early morning today and reached after three hours.

The servitors will leave for the Maa Mangala tempe where they would perform majana of the Goddess as part of the rituals. Then they will return to the mutt where yagna would be performed. After getting swapnadesh of the Goddess, the team will leave the mutt in search of Daru for the three Lords.

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