PM Modi attends Event to mark 80th Anniversary of RBI


New Delhi, April 02: Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended a function to mark the 80th anniversary of the Reserve Bank of India. Addressing the top officials, he asked the Central Bank to prepare a plan for 20 years. The bank should be considerate in giving loans to poor and have ways to recover from them.

Expressing his concern over the increasing rate of farmers’ suicide, Modi asked the bank to help them financial assistance. He said that the farmers are committing suicide due to loan burden. The media covers the story and shows the pain of the victims' family. This should also shake the heart of the banking sector.

On the occasion of the celebration of 80th anniversary of the Central Bank, Modi asked can the banking sector be expanded so that the farmers would not have to face the death due to huge debt burden. He did not think that by providing financial aid to poor farmers, the bank will be insolvent.

He said that he represents the poor, underprivileged, marginalised and tribals and his voice should not be unheard.

He highlighted the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana and the Direct Benefit Transfer of LPG subsidy that played a big role in India. The banking sector was benefited.

The PM wanted the RBI to use Indian paper and ink to print currency notes as part of Make is India initiative instead of depending on the imported one.

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