Nabakalebara 2015: Majana Niti of Maa Mangala begins


Kakatpur, April 03: The Majana Niti of Maa Mangala at Kakatpur temple began with a grand procession. Maa Mangala is the presiding deity of Kakatpur. The Goddess plays a key role in the Nabakalebara Yatra of Lord Jagannath.

The Banajaga Team will perform the Majana niti as part of the tradition that is being carried out since hundreds of years. They will do Chandipath and chant Swapnabati Mantra to pray the Goddess who will give the hints and addresses of the Daru (logs) for the idols of Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra.

After receiving Swapnadesh from Maa Mangala the Banajaga team will leave Deuli Mutt in search of Daru.

The Banajaga team comprising the servitors, Bidyapati and Viswavashu reached Deuli Mutt yesterday morning. The Mutt has also significance. The mythology says that Maa Mangala was first being worshipped at the Mutt before the existing temple was built. This is situated on the banks of Holy river Prachi.

Now all the eyes are on the Swapnadesh of the Goddess. The curiosity of the devotees is on the peak to know the whereabouts of Daru of the Lords.

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