Total Lunar Eclipse Today


Bhubaneswar, April 04: India will witness a total lunar eclipse today. On this day, the Earth will come between Sun and Moon. When the shadow of Earth falls on Moon, we call it Lunar Eclipse.

While the researchers and scientists are excited to see the lunar eclipse today, all the rituals in temples, houses will be off since early morning till evening. As per the Vedic astrology, People are suggested to have "Paka Chada" (no heavy and cooked food except Tiffin) from 5.30 am till 7.15 pm.

The lunar eclipse will begin at about 2.31 pm. The moon will not be visible completely from 5.27 pm to 5.32 pm only for five minutes. The partial eclipse will be visible from 6 pm to 7.15 pm. During 2.31 pm to 7.15 pm people no rituals or holy works will be done. 

People having the Zodiac signs - Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces - are advised not to see the lunar eclipse.

While this will be partially visible to Odisha, Regions of Arunachal Pradesh will witness the eclipse in entirety. The total eclipse will not be visible from Vijayawada.

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