Biju Patnaik Airport may be declared as "No Cracker Zone"

Bhubaneswar, April 07: The Commissionerate police is thinking to declare the Biju Patnaik International Airport as "No Cracker Zone" to avoid the risk of aviation accidents.

Bursting fire crackers near the airport may lead to any mishap. Considering the possible risk, the twin city Commissionerate police will impose penalty on people who will play fire crackers around the airport area.

Earlier, the airport authorities had suggested the government and police to ban the firecrackers use under the limits of four police stations that are close to the airport in the city.

People burst firecrackers heavily during the occasions like marriage procession, Diwali, cricket matches and so on... The airport authorities had written a letter to the Commissionerate police to create awareness against the use of firecrackers specially the rockets could be dangerous in those areas near the airport.