AAP Supporter wants Blue Wagon R Back from Kejriwal

New Delhi, April 07: The infighting in the AAP has sent a negative message to its supporters and fans who had given donations to form the party out of the revolution against corruption. Being upset with the party, a supporter has demanded his vehicle back that was donated to party Chief Arvind Kejriwal.

UK-based Kundan Sharma, who is one of the party supporters, had donated his blue Wagon R to Kejriwal. He is now demanding his car back from Kejriwal, who is now the Delhi chief minister.

Sharma is a software engineer by profession. He is upset with the recent development in the party that witnessed high voltage drama during the national executing meeting. The rebel leaders Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav are out of the National Executive and PAC.

He wants his car back from Kejriwal and also demanded the amount that was donated to the party by his wife.

In a tweet, Kundan said, "I will b happy if AAP can giv right2get refund of donation instead of right2recall balyan types MLA. Latter looks impossible. So do easy 1".

"I was die hard fan of AK when I saw AAP from 10000ft & lost hope when I saw it from 10ft. All that glitter is not gold", he tweeted.