Huge Victory for BJD in Odisha ULB Polls


Bhubaneswar, April 08: Once again the popularity of Odisha chief minister Naveen Patnaik dominated the local polls. As per the results declared, the ruling BJD got the majority in all the 8 ULBs - Daspalla, Dharmagarh, Balimela, Tusra, and Redhakhol Notified Area Councils (NAC) and three municipalities in Paradip, Belpahar and Sunabeda.

In many wards, the Congress and BJP could not open the account. Maximum seats went to the BJD that showed that the ruling party has won the trust of the voters. Out of the total 129 wards, the BJD won 103 seats; Congress got 11 seats and BJP 12 seats. The Independent won three seats.

Here are the final results of the 8 ULB Polls:

Daspalla NAC (16): BJD-13, Cong-0, BJP-1, Ind-2
Dharmagarh NAC (14): BJD-13, Cong-1, BJP-0, Ind-0
Tusra NAC (11): BJD-8, Cong-0, BJP-2 and Ind-1
Redhakhol NAC (13): BJD-12, Cong-0, BJP-1, Ind-0
Balimela NAC (12): BJD-7, Cong-2, BJP-3, Ind-0
Paradip Municipality (19): BJD-16, Cong-2, BJP-1, Ind-0
Belpahar Municipality (19): BJD-16, Cong-1, BJP-2, Ind-0
Sunabeda Municipality (25): BJD-18, Cong-5, BJP-2, Ind-0

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