Dhoni fined for Violating Traffic Rules


Ranchi, April 08: Indian skipper MS Dhoni, who was seen riding his bullet on the streets of Ranchi ahead of IPL-8, has been fined Rs 500 for violating traffic rules under Section 122/179 of Motor Vehicle Act.

According to reports, the vintage bike that the skipper rode on Monday violated Motor Vehicle Act guidelines pertaining to display and use of number plate.

"It is not a very big issue that it happened due to ignorance. We conveyed the message to his family and they said that we will cooperate for this movement to regularise unidentified vehicle on roads and whatever is happening we will cooperate on it", said the Superintendent of Police Karthik S. 

The chalan was sent by the traffic police to his house and Dhoni's family has paid the fine and said that Dhoni violated the rules due to ignorance.

"We have not spoken to Dhoni but got in touch with his family members", he said.

Motor Vehicle Act says a vehicle should have its registration number displayed horizontally without obstruction on its rear and front (which is clearly visible). Dhoni's bike did not have its registration number displayed horizontally in the front, instead the number was written on the mudguard of the front wheel which was not visible from the front.


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