India, Pak exchange Thanks for Evacuating People from Yemen


New Delhi, April 09: India and Pakistan might have bitter feelings over border and Kashmir issues, but in a rare occurrence, the Prime Ministers of two neighbouring countries exchanged thanks and goodwill.

Recently PM Narendra Modi thanked his Pak counterpart Nawaz Sharif for the country's job to evacuate several people including 11 Indians from the war-torn Yemen.

The "Operation Rahat" evacuated over 4000 Indian nations along with hundreds of citizens from 20 different countries including Pakistan. Even Pakistan also did the commendable job by evacuating 11 Indians from the city of Mukallah in Yemen. This brought the two neighbouring countries close to say thanks.

PM Modi thanked Nawaz Sharif for the Pakistan's effort to bring back 11 Indians from Yemen. Replying to him, Sharif's daughter Maryam Nawaz Sharif also expressed her gratitude to Modi on Twitter.

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