Jawaharlal Nehru vs Subhash Bose: Bose Family spied for 20 Yrs?


New Delhi, April 10: In a startling revelation, the Intelligence Bureau reports said that former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru had spied on the family of freedom fighter Subhash Bose for 20 years.

The ideologies of two veteran leaders were different from each other and the recent IB revelations proved that Nehru had a spying eye on his rival's family from 1948-1968.

The IB was also engaged to keep the information about the domestic and foreign travels of Bose family members, whom they were meeting and talking etc.

Bose' grandnephew Chandra Kumar has demanded a judicial probe into the spying. The revelation is truly shocking that the former PM was spying on Bose, who had equal contribution to the country to get India free from British rule.

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